Behind the Scenes: Sunvet Animal Wellness Clinic Video Reveal


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Sunvet Animal Wellness Promotional Video: The Big Reveal!


As those of you who visit our local Asheville, NC Clinic may have noticed, we have been busy for the past few months around the office, updating and decorating our space and adding colorful new flowers to our garden. Here is a picture of our garden in full bloom this past spring. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

Sunvet Animal Wellness

All of this was in preparation for a video shoot my staff and I have been putting together for a promotional video. This was our first time working on something like this, and let me tell you, it takes an amazing group of people to successfully pull it off. There are many little details that go into filming that you never even think about from the viewer’s side of the lens – the lighting, where to focus your gaze while speaking, & how what you are wearing coordinates with the surroundings, to name a few. And we aren’t even going to mention the performance jitters from being nervous in the spotlight!

Fortunately, the Sunvet Team is brilliant, and we have some wonderful clients who were willing to spend their morning helping us out by filming some testimonials. Thank you to Molly Hollifield, Holly Hollifield, and Cissy Grill for sharing your morning and your furry friends with us.

Without further ado, here is the final product of our hard work. I hope you enjoy the video!

Shine on,

Dr. Laurel




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