Who Follows Whom? Animal Wisdom from Your Furry Friend


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Who Follows Whom: Animal Wisdom from Your Furry Friend

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Gail Kleckner and her handsome companion, Sandalphon, enjoying their visit to Sunvet Animal Wellness Clinic in Asheville, NC


Did you know that when faced with a smiling owner, cats are significantly more likely to purr, rub against, or sit on their owner’s lap? On the flip side, quite often when a caretaker has had a crummy day and are acting cranky, their canine buddy may lay low and keep his distance, sizing up the scenario. It makes sense that these beings, who, for the most part, are our constant companions, learn to read our facial expressions and behaviors. Who can blame Fido for not wanting to get in the way of a human hurricane?


Practically speaking, these observations are part of the survival mechanism within a pack of dogs or a clowder of cats. Our 4-legged friends often follow suit and keep the pace or energy level we, their people, have set.


Over time, I have become more in tune with how the animals are beckoning us to relax or play or take notice of the natural world. They ask us to be aware of the energy they bring to our relationships. Being a person who is in her head A LOT, both my dog and my cat invite me to follow suit as they flop on the rug in the sun or investigate the garden, intrigued by every movement or delectable scent.


I can be caught up in my hustling, working world, caught up in my endless list of ‘doing,’ while they are in the glory of  ‘being’ — being in the mud, rubbing on the couch, sniffling down into the grimy running shoe, laying their head on my leg in communing bliss. “Slow down,” they say, “Stay awhile. All is well.”


I challenge you to breathe deeply and move in tandem with your sweet furry friend as often as you can. Hear them as they say to you, 


“All is well.”


Shine on,

Dr. Laurel



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