Vaccination Series #6: Post-vaccination Support with Homeopathics, the Sunvet Way!


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Vaccination Series #6: Post-vaccination Support with Homeopathics, the Sunvet Way! 


You’ve read about vaccines for your furry canine or feline, and you have had an in-depth discussion with your holistic veterinarian concerning choices in vaccines. You understand the decision to vaccinate is important because it is a choice to inject ingredients into your loving ‘heart of hearts’ companion that are foreign to his or her little body. Now, let’s look at one of the approaches I take in my Asheville, NC clinic to offset the potentially negative components of a vaccine: using homeopathics.

Each vaccine given at Sunvet Animal Wellness Cinic is accompanied by a small envelope of homeopathic pillules. After researching which homeopathics support the body to energetically minimize or negate the ill effects of vaccines, I decided to include these homeopathics as part of my vaccination protocol. The homeopathic Lyssin 30c is given on the actual day of a rabies vaccine. Any other kitty vaccine, such as the upper respiratory/distemper vaccine, is accompanied by Silicea 30c to be given two weeks post-vaccination. Any other pooch vaccine, such as the distemper/parvo vaccine, is followed by Thuja 30c to be given 2 weeks post vaccination. While Silicea 30c and Thuja 30c are both readily available at your local holistic food store or Co-op, Lyssin 30c must be obtained from your local holistic veterinarian or an individual who practices homeopathy.

We have noticed very satisfactory results from adding these remedies to our protocol.

With a combination of the best of conventional and holistic veterinary medicine, let’s create bright, shiny futures for our outstanding and amazing furry friends!

Shine on,

Dr. Laurel

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