Patient Stories: “Our Life Together Is More Joyful.”


Patient Stories: “Our Life Together Is More Joyful.”

Dr. Laurel Davis is a 5 star holistic vet

Click here to book an Ask Dr. Laurel™ phone or Skype veterinary consultation with an integrative vet Dr. Laurel Davis to really listen to your dog’s or cat’s needs and wisdom, or call 828-254-2221 to book an appointment in her Asheville NC vet clinic.

Sunvet Animal Wellness Clinic client, Keith Holdsworth and his cat, Zva

“My cat Zva and I are so grateful for having found Dr. Laurel. With her guidance, we have solved a long standing problem with itchy dry skin and a dry mat prone coat without the use of steroids. By changing Zva’s diet, she now has dander free skin with very little itching, and a luxurious coat that is free from even snarls. As a bonus, Zva is now a more playful and loving being, and our life together is more joyful. Thank you, Dr. Laurel, for treating the cause of Zva’s distress, rather than masking the symptom.”

– Keith Holdsworth

Sunvet Animal Wellness Client

Integrative vet
Dr. Laurel Davis is an integrative Asheville vet offering phone and Skype consultations for animal lovers everywhere.Call 828-254-2221 or order an Ask Dr. Laurel™ phone or Skype session or bring your dog or cat to her downtown Asheville, NC clinic.Read more patient stories.

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