Listen to the needs of your dog or cat when you Ask Dr. Laurel your questions in a phone/Skype session


Hearing your animal’s voice: Dr. Laurel Davis is a valuable resource for people who love their animals.



When you schedule an Ask Dr. Laurel™ veterinary phone consultation, not only can you receive…

– expert advice from a seasoned integrative/holistic vet

– treatment recommendations

– a second opinion about troubling diagnoses

– clear and specific testing for the best supplements and diet

…but you can also hear

– input from your animal companion “in their own words”

– insights into your family dynamics and relationships, from the wise perspective of your animal friend

– the real reasons behind your animal’s concerning behaviors, fears and reactions, and clear direction on how to change things

– specific ways to help your animal feel happier, more connected, or more comfortable

– any other important things your animal companion wants you to know


And… if your animal friend is aged or seriously ill, your session can tell you if they’re ready to leave the planet, or if they want you to continue treatment for their condition. Read more.



“Since Dr. Laurel talks to animals, and listens to what they say, both she and I have learned things about my pets that it would be impossible to know from an ‘ordinary’ vet. There is nothing ordinary about Dr. Laurel. She is an exceptional vet and person and it is a pleasure to have her in my life.”

—Melanie Miller



drlaureldavis-with-bee-catWEBDr. Laurel Davis is a holistic vet offering phone and Skype consultations for animal lovers everywhere.

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What is an Ask Dr. Laurel™ veterinary phone consultation?

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4 Responses to “Listen to the needs of your dog or cat when you Ask Dr. Laurel your questions in a phone/Skype session”

  1. Linda Pendley

    Hi from Mississippi!!
    Am caring for my furry 18 yr.old Persian “granddaughter” Bella while my daughter is in India. Found out 2 wks. ago Bella has a lung tumor and left front paw tumor. Except for slight limp she seems to be doing fine. Will not do standard allopathic tx. Feel we should be supporting her immune system instead. Would love 30 min. check-in. Would like to know Bella thoughts and if tx we’re giving is right for her. Also, would love to have my daughter on the call also. Know the time differences are problematic however. Do you record the check-ins? Maybe that would be the better way. Thanks for your time and knowledge, Linda Pendley

    • relationships

      Hi Linda – Thank you for your note. Dr Laurel will be glad to help you with this. I’ll send the office your note, and I also notice that you’ve ordered your session online, so they’ll be contacting you asap. Best wishes and blessings to you and Bella!

  2. Deena Gonzalez

    Hello Dr. Laurel,

    My name is Deena Gonzalez and I’m an Executive Producer at Voice America and World Talk Radio Networks. My research assistant gave me your information and after reviewing it I’m interested in speaking with you about the possibility of you doing a show on our Health and Wellness channel on our network.

    If this is something that is of interest to you please give me a call, my contact information is below in my signature. Before calling me please visit our network at

    Once you looked at the broadcast site I look forward to hearing from you and discussing this opportunity in detail.

    Deena Gonzalez
    Executive Producer
    Voiceamerica World Talk Radio 3.5 million listeners

    • relationships

      Hi Deena, I have just sent your information to Dr. Laurel, and she or someone from Sunvet will contact you soon. Sounds like an exciting opportunity! Thank you so much for your interest in Dr. Laurel Davis and her work.


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