Amazing Gracie – We miss you!


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Amazing Gracie – We miss you!


Gracie with two cat friends in Sunvet’s office mural


Our little Gracie has gone back to spirit. Amazing Grace, Grace Almighty, Grasicles, Grace, Gracie, G, G Factor, Factor, Jeezer…we miss your sweet little bug-eyed, whiskery, cutest face.  We miss your easy, non-judgemental, grounded how-do-you-do to our Sunvet Animal Wellness Clinic clients and patients. We miss your bounding onto the deck with G Force, legs skittering so fast in your sprint to collect your well deserved Post-Pee Treat.


Although we miss your little fuzzy, unkempt Gracie self, we know you are here in spirit, holding the space for Sunvet healing and friendships. We know you are keeping your eye on Linda and Billie as they hand out your favorite treats to all of our four-legged friends. We know you are still resting peacefully at Dr Laurel’s feet, monitoring her phone consultations. Perhaps you are still hoovering the floors in search of forgotten tidbits.


animal individuality
Dr. Laurel’s 13-year-old Llhasa Apso, Gracie supervising the play in the office



Thank you for ‘Gracing’ us with your love and your presence.  Bless you on your journey, as you reclaim your wholeness and move on to your next adventure!


Dr. Laurel, Linda and Billie



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16 Responses to “Amazing Gracie – We miss you!”

  1. Ellen Green

    Oh honey, my heart hurts.. Gracie is a beautiful spirit and we were all blessed to have known her. Love and Light.

    Ellen, Andy, Harley, Zephyr, Brady, Ralph, Pearl, and from Spirit, Earl and Miss Patches.

  2. Jackie

    The door would open and in she would rush, doggie smile ear to ear, crusty eyes twinkling, a big hello coupled with joyful anticipation of her morning chewy treat. A wonderful way to start the day, a pain in the heart to think she is not here, a big smile knowing she was.
    Another treat for you Gracie!
    Much love from Jackie

  3. Nat and Gracie

    I wondered why you weren’t there when I stopped by the other day for my Gracie’s meds. We are happy in knowing you are with so many loved ones on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. We promise to give all the girls an extra hug when we come by again.

  4. Lisa & Gina

    We are so sad to hear of Grace’s departure! She was a super ‘space holder’ & her physical presence will be greatly missed by us when we visit. We send lots of love to you all & Gracie as she moves on to her next wonderful chapter. 🙏

  5. Pam Swinnerton

    I will miss sweet Gracie when we come to visit. I send love and hugs and gratitude to her. <3

  6. Laurel Reinhardt

    The office won’t be the same, though I know Gracie will linger on in spirit. RastaFyre says “Journey well.”

  7. Denise Mills

    Oh sweet Ms. Gracie! Laurel, she so gently and “gracefully” won your heart and those of everyone who came to your office. Always cheerful, never jealous, she was the most perfect office dog! We will all miss her.
    Denise, Michelle, Randy, Janie, Zuko, Biskit, and Bella(in spirit)


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