“Holistic vet Dr. Laurel has always understood and communicated with our animal companions”


Dr. Laurel Davis is a 5 star holistic vet

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“We know she has always understood and communicated with our animal companions and gets to the point in the quickest, most loving way possible.


On a lighter note, she diagnosed that our lab had overdone eating rabbit pellets in the yard – that’s what the bumps on her muzzle were! – and gave us the remedy that took care of it immediately. Love this deeply connected healer. ♥”

—Carol Lani Johnson

Carol Lani Johnson
Carol Lani Johnson trusts holistic vet Dr. Laurel Davis for her animal care




drlaureldavis-with-bee-catWEBDr. Laurel Davis is a holistic vet offering phone and Skype consultations for animal lovers everywhere.


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