Stories from a holistic vet: Top Ten Ways to Connect with Your Dog #1: Take a Hike!


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This is the first post in a series sharing ten ways to connect with your dog, by Dr. Laurel Davis, Asheville, NC-based holistic vet. Stay tuned after that for the top ten for cats!

Q: Is it really necessary to walk my dog every day?

Yes! Dogs thrive on a pack experience, and, in addition, they need exercise, just like all of us. If you don’t walk briskly with your dog every day (except in the case of slowed-down older or injured dogs), he or she can get bored and frustrated and turn into that creature we all would prefer to avoid: The Bad Dog.

Is a bad dog really a bad dog? One big reason dogs tear up furniture, disobey, race around chaotically or otherwise cause problems is…lack of walking together with their pack. That means you!

And by the way, it’s not just Fido that needs a walk. This is one of the best things our dogs teach us: if you’re tied to that computer all day, if you’re feeling irritable, hopeless, bored or frustrated, grab a leash and go for a good, brisk walk. Feel better?

There are many ways to walk or hike with your friend. You may choose a neighborhood ramble, urban tour, woods stroll, river walk or a hardcore hiking, running, or mountain biking experience with your animal friend.

Be perceptive. If you pay attention and tune into your pooch, you’ll become familiar with how much exercise they need. Don’t want your dog to act out or gain weight? Time to hit the trail.

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