Veterinarians are trained in empirical diagnosis and treatment, based on what can been seen and measured in the patient’s symptoms and the outcome of tests and the results determined by other diagnostic tools. Animal intuitives are able to ask your animal what their needs are. Dr. Laurel Davis is a veterinarian who can interpret your animal’s needs in an intuitive way, as well as drawing from her empirical knowledge and decades of experience with hundreds of animals in her busy practice.

From a truly holistic perspective, tests and symptoms tell only part of the story. What experience caused your animal friend’s fear of coming in the house? What emotions are behind the hair loss your dog or cat is experiencing? Are there foods that are causing her distress? Or is your friend’s dis-ease caused by emotions you can’t quite put your finger on?

Ask Dr. Laurel to take diagnosis beyond the story that tests and symptoms tell. What would your animal tell you if you spoke the same language? Dr. Laurel’s experience and rapport with companion animals provides her with a unique intuitive relationship with her patients. Her ability as an animal intuitive to “hear deeply” allows her to share with you a clearer understanding of your animal friend’s wants and needs, so you can enjoy a better life together.

Dr. Laurel reviews any previous medical records, takes a detailed history, then applies her veterinary medical knowledge and intuitive awareness to create a holistic assessment of your animal friend. Find out more about Applied Kinesiology and Intuitive Counseling.

These phone or Skype sessions are of an advisory nature only. Consulting your own veterinarian is always recommended.

Use the buttons below to order your Ask Dr. Laurel™ phone or Skype session here on our website, call us at 828-254-2221, or email us at to schedule an appointment. Prior to your phone/Skype session, please send any pertinent previous medical records to our office. These can be faxed to 828‑254‑2227 or emailed to us.



“I have been a patient of Dr. Laurel’s for nine years. Both my cat and dog love her. Since she talks to animals, and listens to what they say, both she and I have learned things about them that it would be impossible to know from an ‘ordinary’ vet. There is nothing ordinary about Dr. Laurel. She is an exceptional vet and person and it is a pleasure to have her in my life.”

—Melanie Miller