Dr. Laurel's Alter EgoDr. Laurel Davis

I share my home with my beloved cat Bee and sweet memories of dearly departed Grace Almighty, a Lhasa Apso. Read more about me.

Meet my alter ego!


My inner Mountain Lion comes out to play: “Ha….yes, here I am, having just taken my dust bath writhing around, shake it off, perch in the sun after the dark time, mmmm…warm so alive, so vibrant and orange, soooo exquisite. Breezes caress, ruffling hair and whiskers and then, the movement all around. Bringing…rabbit.”









Linda Woodmansee

Sunvet Team Member LindaLinda's Alter Ego

My love of animals began in early childhood when I secreted kittens in the closet in hopes our parents wouldn’t find out. Over the years, I have more than made up for all those unclaimed kittens.  Read more about me.

Meet my alter ego!


Our parents called them darning needles. They would perch on our arms and legs during our boat rides on Otter Lake in Ontario, Canada. How could something so resilient, iridescent and delicate be called a Dragonfly. Their inherent qualities of strength and beauty have always been inspiring to me.







Billie Pierce

Sunvet Team Member Billie

Billie's Alter EgoI grew up on a small farm in southeastern North Carolina where I developed a love and appreciation for all types of animals. Some of my fondest memories are of playing in fields as a child and rescuing or interacting with all sorts of creatures.  Read more about me.

Meet my alter ego!


In Chinese astrology, the rabbit is associated with good fortune and the ability to possess the powers of the moon. Born under this sign, I choose to embrace the moon’s magical wisdom and embody the rabbit’s swiftness and adaptability, moving through life in leaping bounds and paying honor to the many varied blessings the earth has bestowed upon me. As the White Rabbit led Alice to Wonderland, I too encourage myself and those around me to dig a little deeper and discover their own path towards a magical existence.







Julie Holladay

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holistic vet dr laurel davis julie alter ego cat

I have called these mountains home since the age of four. My two daughters and I share our hearts with our adorable Jackabee, Charlie Pace; our huge tuxedo cat, Collins; and our polydactyl mischief maker, Merlin.  Read more about me.

Meet my alter ego!


Like the ever surprising cat, I am a duality of dignity and supreme silliness, often at the same time. It may take a while to gain my trust and affection, but once someone has, I give it wholeheartedly. I am exceedingly curious and unusually resilient. I love to play but I know the value of a good nap. While not as graceful as a cat, I almost always land on my feet in every situation.








Stacy Roeder

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My love for animals started at a young age while exploring the creeks and farms near my home in a small town in northern Illinois.  After volunteering at a local shelter, I knew working with animals was something I wanted to do.  I started as an assistant in Chicago, IL in 2008 and minus a few years in between have been loving and helping are furry friends ever since!  Read more about me.

Meet my alter ego!


I have always loved birds and hummingbirds are by far the most fascinating.  Beauty aside, like myself they are always on the move and require food constantly! They are the only bird able to fly backwards and can remember every feeder they have ever visited.  You probably haven’t noticed their nest that is only slightly bigger than a quarter and made of lichen, moss and woven together with spider silk.  If you don’t love them already, a group of hummingbirds is called a “charm”.  You can’t get any sweeter than that!