Wolfen Wisdom: Dog advice for a tired canine from holistic vet Dr. Laurel Davis


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Wolfen Wisdom: Dog advice for a tired canine from holistic vet Dr. Laurel Davis


Let silence take you to the core of life.   —Rumi


Holistic vet Dr. Laurel Davis offers dog advice to the Surls family
Cashion Smith and Eva Surls with Mya


Mya, a most serene, wolfen Siberian husky, lay with her back against the far wall of my consultation room, her legs extended in perfect repose and her eyes closed in slumber. Eva and Cashion, her people, sat quietly yet expectantly in their chairs across from me.  “I’m worried about Mya. She seems much more exhausted than she should be,” said Cashion with concern.

During our visit, which included checking Mya out physically, collecting a blood sample and gathering interesting information as to her daily forays into the world, a clear picture emerged. Eva and Cashion moved into the area near Asheville to start The Bike Farm, a bicycle-centric eco resort and base camp. They experience life and the outdoors in a sometimes extreme, always active manner. Within the last 4-5 days, Mya had been on not only a 4-5 mile run with Eva but a long bike ride with Cashion and a run along side a dirt bike for several miles. Her perfect bloodwork revealed what all of us certainly knew: Mya was legitimately tired. All that running was too much of a good thing.  Maybe it was time to take it down a notch.


Mya was their reminder to ‘take a breather,’ to slow down and to take this lesson to heart.


This conclusion had Cashion and Eva looking at each other with small smiles. They shared they had come to a similar conclusion for themselves as they had trekked across the United States earlier this year. It was time for them to be paying more attention to what their needs were in each moment. Mya, in her candid fatigue, was there to be their perfect mirror. Mya was their reminder to ‘take a breather,’ to slow down and to take this lesson to heart.

Thank you, Mya, for your reminder to your people and to me.

Shine on,

Dr. Laurel


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  1. Rebecca

    I took my elderly Pom to see Dr. Laurel. For the first time in my Pom’s life, she was not panicked nor trembling when I took her in the office for a visit.
    I have been restoring my cabin and Meesha was a basket case. Dr. Laurel had her for a few minutes and explained that the loud hammering noise and my heavy foot steps were scaring her. I felt so bad!!!!! I started to put her in my car and park up my switchback in the shade so she wouldn’t hear all that noise.
    I hope that more people meet Dr. Laurel and take their animals to see her. She is amazing and your pet will thank you. Thank you Dr. Laurel for helping me understand my baby and for your love you give to the animals you see. You are the BEST!


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