Stories from a holistic veterinarian: Do you know a dog with superhuman powers?


Do you know a dog with superhuman powers?

Stories from a holistic veterinarian and animal intuitive: I Need a Hero #2 – The touching story of Holly the dog


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Have you seen “Man of Steel” yet? What about “Dog of Steel”? Dogs have “powers” far beyond us: they can hear more, smell more, perceive more. Often their uncanny perceptions are mysterious. Do you know a dog with superhuman powers?

In this second in our series of touching posts about heroic dogs, Holly the collie’s super-perception enables her human to enjoy a mostly normal life, to travel, dance and play. Without Holly, her human, Shanna, would be living in fear and anxiety, stuck in her house and afraid to enjoy a life of adventure.


Watch the video below to experience the story of heroic Holly:


Do you know a heroic dog? Or do you want to vote for heroic dogs already nominated for the 2013 American Hero Dog? Visit the American Humane Association’s website.

Stay tuned to this space for more dog heroes (and fun cat videos, too!).

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