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“Stories from a holistic vet” is the blog of Dr. Laurel Davis, a holistic vet and “animal interpreter” with a clinic in Asheville, NC and also offering intuitive animal health and lifestyle advice for animal companions and their human friends across the USA.

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Kora, a gorgeous Great Pyrenees mix dog, came to see me for an ear infection. She spent her time perusing my office, tall enough to lay her head on my desk. It came to my attention she probably needed some changes in her already wonderful diet. As her human and I were going over the appropriate additions, she grabbed a large purple stuffed bear and proceeded to toss it in the air, ever higher each time. She was clearly excited about some of the food changes and choices we were making. Meal revisions seem to be one of the topics where I nearly always see an animal’s jubilant response.

—Dr. Laurel, Aug 12, 2012

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“It is as important to us that our animals like and trust their caregivers as it is that the care and service is the best that we can obtain for them. Dr. Laurel has always provided care and CARING above and beyond our expectations.”

—Nancy Duggan and Colin Robertson

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