Ask Dr. Laurel™    phone or Skype sessions .  are “animal interpretation” sessions that couple Dr. Laurel’s veterinary expertise with her ability to deeply listen to your animal friend, allowing them to express to her (and you) their needs, wants and wishes for their treatment and life in general.

For these sessions, Dr. Laurel uses Applied Kinesiology (AK), which is a muscle testing system that allows the practitioner to tap into energetic disturbances and weaknesses in the physical, chemical and emotional body. Changes in vibrational frequencies down to the atomic level is what, in essence, creates the diseased body. These changes can be caused by physical infections, genetic weaknesses, trapped emotions, or all of these.

Tapping into the energetic disturbances gives us clues about what is going on in the body and emotions of your animal friend. When we combine the physical exam, a detailed history, bloodwork, applied kinesiology and animal communication, we are able to develop a detailed diagnosis and determine patient-specific modalities, supplements and diet.  Each body’s needs are different and each body holds the answer to what it needs.

Applied kinesiology is a relatively recent methodology that is becoming more widely used by veterinarians, chiropractors, physicians, dentists, sports trainers and naturopaths. Through applied kinesiology, Dr. Laurel can access the body’s communication system, gather information and utilize that information to set up a treatment plan for her patients.

Applied Kinesiology and Animal Interpretation are the basis for Ask Dr. Laurel™ sessions and are also often employed in our clinic appointments.

“Our first encounter with Dr. Laurel was shortly after we moved here. Our oldest and first Lab, Sunny, was having severe skin problems even though our dogs were on holistic food. From Dr. Davis’s testing and communication with Sunny, we found out that he was allergic to four very crucial ingredients. As soon as we knew which ones, we were able to change foods and his skin problem cleared up quickly.”
—Linda and Michael Nash, owned by Labs since 1990, Hendersonville, NC

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