Our love of companion animals goes as deep as your love for your own favorite animal friend.

That love creates the foundation for Sunvet. It created our history, it inspired our philosophy, and it flows through every contact with our patients and their human companions.

Our mission statement:

At Sunvet Animal Wellness Clinic, we’re much more than a holistic veterinary practice. We offer a unique synergy of conventional, preventative, intuitive and alternative treatments.

And, with Ask Dr. Laurel™ Phone Sessions and during your regular clinic visits, we work to strengthen the relationship between you and your animal companion, which is the basis of true and lasting healing.


Dr. Laurel started her practice as Asheville Veterinary House Calls in 1996 with the primary goal of offering gentle conventional and holistic veterinary care and examining each animal companion in their home environment.

Her growing interest in holistic medicine inspired her to attend courses in Clinical Kinesiology, Pranic Healing, Craniosacral Therapy, NAET allergy elimination technique, chiropractic care and acupuncture. She also discovered in herself something beyond her training and experience as a licensed and qualified veterinarian. Her intuitive connection with the companion animals she treated grew and matured, and her practice evolved to include Ask Dr. Laurel™ phone or Skype sessions.

In 2003, she decided to focus her energy in an office, Sunvet Animal Wellness Clinic, so she could devote more time to being with each animal, acknowledging their individual needs and their connectedness to their human family.

Dr. Laurel understands that your animal friend’s health often relates to more than just the physical. Animals are very sensitive and connected to their humans, and their health and behaviors often relate to your relationship with them.

Every animal deserves to be heard and acknowledged as an individual. Often, in the conventional veterinary world, a patient is looked at and attended to as a group of physical symptoms. At Sunvet Animal Wellness Clinic, after assessing your animal friend physically, Dr Laurel taps into your friend’s emotional and spiritual wisdom, leading her to a truly holistic diagnosis and treatment plan.

At Sunvet,

  1. We believe that specific animals and their people are together to learn about themselves — physically, emotionally and spiritually — through their interactions.
  2. We find that blending the best of conventional and alternative veterinary medicine creates well-being for our animal friends.
  3. We strive for the perfect balance of wellness care, in the form of physical exams, emotional check-ins, nutritional counseling, supplemental support and bodywork.
  4. Each patient entering our care is a gift to the world, deserving to receive the best attention and to be honored, marvelled at and enjoyed.

As a veterinarian, Dr. Laurel assesses the physical dis-eases of each of her animal patients. As a holistic veterinarian, she expands her scope to open-hearted discovery of possibilities beyond standard physical assessments, including uncovering contributing mental, emotional or spiritual factors.