How Can We Learn From Our Dogs and Cats? An Interview with Asheville’s Holistic Veterinarian



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How Can We Learn From Our Dogs and Cats? An Interview with

Asheville’s Holistic Veterinarian 


Asheville's holistic veterinarian
“Anyone that can and does connect deeply with their animal has already opened a door to the mystery of life and why we are here.” —Dr. Laurel Davis



Hi from Sunvet Animal Wellness! Enjoy this second part of a two-part interview that the Sunvet team did with our boss, Dr. Laurel Davis. She knocks our socks off every day with her ability to bridge the species and language barriers to deeply listen her patients, who are dogs and cats from all around the Asheville NC area, as well as animals she connects with via her Ask Dr. Laurel™ Skype and phone sessions.

So, we decided to get to the bottom of how she does it.

Read part one of our interview here. And, without further ado, here’s part two!


the Sunvet team: Billie, Linda and Crystal


Dr. Laurel, do you think people need finely honed intuition in order to be able to fully listen to their dogs and cats? 


Although intuition is a key element in tuning in with our animal companions, it is not necessary to be an intuitive expert. I think everyone has the ability to observe and listen to what their animal has to say. In turn, practicing this type of listening can enhance anyone’s intuitive skills.

Anyone that can and does connect deeply with their animal has already opened a door to the mystery of life and why we are here. These people are able to shift from our fast-paced, somewhat crazily driven world to the conscious, earth- and sky-connected, spirit-guided realm of their special beast. This is a healing proposition, as every moment with your four-legged has the ability to clear your mind and charge your personal energetic field.


“These people are more in tune with the world around them and more empathetic listeners. The animal connected folks walk more lightly on our perfect and alive planet.”



Tell us about one or two ways a person can connect with their animal intuitively or on a soul-level.


  1. Number one is Play! When we enthusiastically frolic with our fuzzy friend, we release heaps of energy, along with all the great feelings such as joy, excitement, delight, and aliveness. Our vibrational frequency increases, creating what I call a vibrational vortex. This brings about clarity, insight, harmony, and serenity. Take time to throw that mouse, pull that string, swing that fishing pole and play hide and seek with your kitty. Throw a ball, take a run, rough-house on the floor, hike in the woods actively with your pup. Then spend some supreme quiet moments with them afterward, basking in the after-glow. Do yourself and them a favor: stay off of your phone and remain in this tremendous connection.
  2.  Here are step-by-step instructions that I offered in a past blog post. Try those steps for yourself. They work!


Any final guidance to help us listen to our dogs and cats?


You can’t truly listen until you still and ground yourself. This requires being mindful and setting an intention to be there for the being that is in front of you. If it is true that the way we do anything is the way we do everything, then you may find learning to connect well with your dog or cat is a step toward changing your relationship with the world around you. Pace yourself. Take baby steps at first, and you may find yourself automatically picking up the pace and experiencing life in a refreshingly new way.


Shine on!

Dr Laurel 


Asheville integrative veterinarian

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