Patient Stories: “I Highly Recommend Sunvet Animal Wellness Clinic to Anyone Who Loves Their Animals!”


Patient Stories: “I Highly Recommend Sunvet Animal Wellness Clinic to Anyone Who Loves Their Animals!”

Dr. Laurel Davis is a 5 star holistic vet

Click here to book an Ask Dr. Laurel™ phone or Skype veterinary consultation with an integrative vet Dr. Laurel Davis to really listen to your dog’s or cat’s needs and wisdom, or call 828-254-2221 to book an appointment in her Asheville NC vet clinic.



“WOW…..AMAZING….. The most unbelievable experience of my life!! Dr. Laurel Davis and her staff Linda and Billie are truly wonderful people. I rescue older Shih Tzus from Brother Wolf and my first stop is always Dr. Laurel. She has helped me with eight Shih-Tzus and two Grand dogs!!!! Everything from kidneys blocked, to needing physical therapy and energy work to the hardest of “I am ready to go over the rainbow bridge”!

One thing that has helped me more than anything is when Dr. Davis tests my dogs for foods they are allergic to. Simply changing their foods has made a world of difference to them. I would NEVER have otherwise known they had allergic reactions to them! The scratching stopped immediately! I am going to also have Dr. Laurel check in on my horses/mules next. Can’t wait to hear what they have to say! I HIGHLY recommend Sunvet Animal Wellness Clinic to anyone who loves their animals! You will LOVE Dr. Laurel Davis, her genuine warmth and love is felt strongly and Linda and Billie treat you with warmth and kindness too! THANK YOU for all you do for us!”

– Holly Hollifield

Sunvet Animal Wellness Client

Integrative vet
Dr. Laurel Davis is an integrative Asheville vet offering phone and Skype consultations for animal lovers everywhere.Call 828-254-2221 or order an Ask Dr. Laurel™ phone or Skype session or bring your dog or cat to her downtown Asheville, NC clinic.Read more patient stories.

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