Dr. Laurel’s Cat and Dog Nutrition Philosophy – Part 1


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Dr. Laurel’s Cat and Dog Nutrition Philosophy – Part 1


Dog Nutrition
For your cat or dog, nutrition is a key part of overall health.


Oh, yum! Your pooch has been creatively dining on an ancient deer carcass or two-day old opossum roadkill, then your lovely, sweet, feline decides to ‘bring home the bacon’ in the form of a frog leg. They just can’t help themselves! Oh bother, they’re such animals!  Hmm… maybe they are really just trying to drop a not-so-subtle hint.  


At my Asheville NC practice, Sunvet Animal Wellness Clinic, I can spend easily at least a third of my first consultation with new patients and their people discussing dietary choices, since, for a cat or dog, nutrition is a big part of the whole health picture. There are certain core subjects that surface repeatedly, so I wanted to address the fundamental points of my cat and dog nutrition philosophy. This is part one, addressing the theory behind the optimal diet for your canine or feline companion, and you can stay tuned for part two, about how to put it all into practice, coming soon.


In actuality, animal nutrition specialists can’t agree among themselves what types of foods are best for our furry friends, or even the exact ratio of fat, protein and carbohydrates that is ideal. Every dog and cat food producer is making their best calculated effort at balancing the recipe they use for their specific formulations. This gives us, as the ones who feed our animals, the opportunity to be scientific and keep our minds open to previously unimagined possibilities!


Cat and Dog Nutrition: Cooked vs. Raw

One huge aspect to take into consideration is cooked versus raw. In the majority of cases, raw is the better and more natural choice, but there can be individuals who do better with cooked foods. As I talked about in this recent postdue to the genetic and nutritional history of some of our furry buddies, it isn’t always possible for every animal to eat a completely raw diet, but trying to make sure that cat and/or dog nutrition is as close as possible to what they would get in the wild is a great place to start.


Variety for Your Dog’s or Cat’s Health

Something that isn’t always considered but is absolutely vital is variety! I believe many of the recent food allergy issues have developed from feeding our four-legged friends the same thing every day. I recommend you rotate your protein sources to include all proteins that work for your dog or cat energetically. I use Clinical Kinesiology (link Clinical Kinesiology page) at Sunvet Animal Wellness Clinic to assess the proteins and vegetables that work best for your pal.


It is incredible how much of a difference a change in diet can make, and I am always joyful when I see the look of excitement or hear the enthusiasm in a client’s voice as the dietary shifts they have made begin to promote shiny softness in their sweet animal friend’s coat or a renewed perkiness in their activity level. In the next post in this series, we’ll address how to put theory into practice and start changing your dog or cat’s diet for the better! Read on…


Shine on,
Dr. Laurel




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4 Responses to “Dr. Laurel’s Cat and Dog Nutrition Philosophy – Part 1”

  1. Nancy Kehr

    Setting up a visit to Dr. Laurel was the first thing I did when I brought my cat Mazie home from Brother Wolf. She was 7 months old at the time and I wanted to make sure she had the best nutrition to keep her healthy. That was 2 years ago and she is doing great!

  2. Micheline

    I put my dog on a raw food diet about 6 months ago and I get it from a reputable store in W AVL. He used to throw up occasionally with undigested kibble after many hours and I fed him a top brand with no grains or recalls! Then he started having bloody diarrhea and a visit to the vet produced no answers expect possible IBD. His weight at that time was optimal! Anyhow my dog now looks like a skeleton and I can’t seem to get any weight on him. I’m afraid I might be hurting his health even though he has had no more of the previous issues. He currently gets a pre-mixed protein of beef, tripe, bone, and fat from grass-fed cattle and I mix in sweet potato. I was adding coconut oil to add more fat and that did nothing for his weight. I’m not sure what to do!

    • Sunvet

      I apologize for the delayed response, Micheline. I just discovered some pending comments on the blog today, and I am working to respond to them all. Are you still interested in getting some help from Dr. Laurel to get your pup’s gut soothed and his nutrition plan back on track? If so, please give us a call at 828-254-2221


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