Asheville NC veterinarian Dr. Laurel Davis checks in with your dog or cat during their time of illness to help you understand if they’re ready to make the transition.

Traditional veterinary medicine offers diagnostic test results so you can make informed decisions as your friend is slowing down and nearing end of life. But would you prefer to know what your dog or cat wants for him- or herself? Would you like to more clearly understand your pet’s readiness to pass over? Is it really time to put your dog to sleep, or is he or she ready to recover and see more sunrises to come?

When you’re making end of life decisions, you might wish to book a session with Dr. Laurel on the phone or Skype or in person in Asheville NC where she can help you ask your animal companion some questions:

“Do you have any specific nutritional or supplemental needs that are not already being addressed?”

“What do you need from me as your caretaker at this time in your life?”

“Do you have any unfinished physical, emotional or spiritual business you wish to clear up?”

“Are you in pain? Do you want any more medical intervention?”

“Are you ready to go back to spirit? Immediately or later?”

“Do you, indeed, want help in leaving your body? Or do you want to transition on your own?”

“Do you care whether this service is performed at home or at a veterinary office? (specific veterinarian?)”

“Do you want to be buried or cremated?”

Dr. Laurel’s medical expertise coupled with her intuitive deep listening to your animal friend help you to connect with and understand your dog or cat at this sensitive time. Often, your animal companion is very enthusiastic and direct when they are able to express their needs at this stage in life.

If you decide that it’s time to help your animal friend pass over, learn about our Back to Spirit™ compassionate euthanasia services.

“Our family has been blessed in knowing Dr. Laurel for the past nine years. She brings to the profession of veterinary medicine an integrative, holistic, enlightened approach. Her medical ability and her varied healing modalities are balanced with a conscious, spiritual knowingness, an intuitive wisdom, an unsurpassed intelligence with the natural world.


“Our animal family — cats: Emily (passed over to spirit), Franklin, Cada, Truman; our dogs: K.D. (passed over to spirit), Caleb (passed over to spirit), Hannah, and Maddie — have had and continue to have healing experiences with Dr. Laurel. When our pets have been in the final stage of life, we have been comforted by Dr. Laurel’s presence and love to assist them in crossing over into spirit, in our own homes. The Asheville community is blessed beyond measure with her unique, wise, compassionate veterinary care.”

—Barbara and Dave Epley

drlaureldavis-with-bee-catWEBDr. Laurel Davis is a holistic vet offering phone and Skype consultations for animal lovers everywhere.


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