Asheville NC’s holistic veterinarian, Dr. Laurel Davis, provides compassionate euthanasia.


There comes a time when your animal friend’s body no longer supports a good quality of life. When the decision has been made to assist them in their transition, we offer compassionate euthanasia for patients at our clinic in downtown Asheville. To remind ourselves of the sacredness of this time, we prefer to call this transition Back to Spirit™.

Dr. Laurel believes assisting the animals with their Back to Spirit  in this way creates the space for honor and respect of each beautiful animal companion.

What can you expect during Back to Spirit assistance?

First, you may decide to to do an End of Life Check-in. Ask Dr. Laurel™ phone or Skype sessions (or an “check in” session at your appointment at our Asheville NC clinic) allow you and Dr. Laurel to be in conversation with your animal companion. Decisions surrounding end of life issues may be clarified during this session.

If it is time for your friend to go Back to Spirit, a sedative injection is given prior to the euthanasia injection. This allows you and your family to be in close connection with your animal friend as he or she is relaxing and becoming sedated.

Because your friend is sedated before the euthanasia solution is given, you and your family are able to focus on the honoring of your companion.

We can assist you with your cremation decision, if desired.