“Dr. Laurel is an truly amazing person and veterinarian….I simply don’t know where to begin!
My dogs absolutely love to go to see Dr. Davis in her relaxed office atmosphere. It is easy to work with them, because they are so calm while there. She has an amazing way of connecting with the animals and diagnosing what is going on with them emotionally and physically.

Several years ago my dog Zoe came down with immune mediated thrombocytopenia. I was in Florida at the time and the traditional vet had diagnosed it and run the usual blood work and tests for tick borne diseases. The tick panel came back negative and I was told to stop the doxycycline antibiotic she was on by him. I contacted Dr. Davis for a second opinion, as years prior I had another dog diagnosed with the same problem who never recovered. She used dowsing to diagnose that is was in fact a tick borne disease causing the IMT and that she needed to continue on the doxycycline. Zoe made a full recovery thanks to Dr. Davis and for that I am forever grateful!”

—Nan Wells, APDT, Canine Connections Dog Training


“Dr. Laurel is an angel. She is the first vet I have come across who is in this business for the right reason, to heal. Laurel is nurturing, kind, brilliant, tuned in and so compassionate. She had helped us diagnose food allergies and several other major and minor health issues. The one thing that really stands out about Dr. Laurel the most for me is her ability to communicate with my animals. She has healed and helped my pets cross the rainbow bridge. Her ability to tap into my animals and tell me how they feel and if they were ready to leave this earth gave my family so much comfort. Laurel is an amazing woman and I for one am very thankful that she is part of our lives.”

–Lesley Moriarty Barkett


“I am a first time dog owner. My 12-year-old Golden Retriever, Levi, at times still looks and acts like a puppy. I have the wisdom, guidance and love of Laurel and her staff to thank for his ongoing health. For this I am grateful.

In Levi’s words, ‘I like my Laurel!’”

—Dr David Nygaard, Atlas Family Chiropractic, Asheville, NC


“Dr. Laurel Davis been our vet since we moved to Asheville seventeen years ago, and our friend for many years more before that. We have working dogs as well as pets of various descriptions.

It is as important to us that our animals like and trust their caregivers as it is that the care and service is the best that we can obtain for them. Dr. Laurel has always provided care and CARING above and beyond our expectations.

One of our dogs, Miles Davis, was a dignified, dependable and dedicated worker- much loved by us and considered unapproachable by many. He was selective of his friendships. For most of his seventeen years he chose to accept, like, and trust Laurel, who, in turn, never let him down. With tears in my heart I remember that, and also the day that Laurel helped us let him go with so much grace.”

—Nancy Duggan and Colin Robertson


“My wife Susan and I feel lucky to have found Sunvet and Dr. Davis. Here we get the best of both worlds, traditional veterinary medicine combined with alternative veterinary medicine. We know that not only are our wishes listened to, but also our pet’s, and the least invasive options will be investigated.

During the time we have taken our pets to Dr. Davis, she has shown compassion, used intuition and alternative methods to determine the cause of the problem, and, when necessary prescribed medication or a procedure. But we’ve never gotten the feeling that anything prescribed was unnecessary or overkill. Also, our pets, usually very uncomfortable at the traditional vet’s, are just the opposite here.”

—Lewis Rothlein


“When we first visited Dr. Laurel Davis (referred by a dear friend) back in February of 2010, our pups were 18 months young. They are long haired Chihuahuas, littermates named Sarah and Ezekiel. Even though these two siblings don’t care much about other dogs, they do care about Dr. Davis and her office managers, Caren and Jackie. They are calmer in her non-hospital like setting. It didn’t take long at all for me to trust Zeke and Sarah to Dr. Davis’ care. Switched their food from the traditional, commercial low-moisture foods to raw beef and chicken. Man oh man, these little guys crave this food. Within a few days of changing to a raw diet, their hair changed and became shinier, they became a bit calmer. and they began to lean down. A bit later, we stopped the costly and unnecessary vaccinations. Once when Zeke developed a hot spot, instead of an antibiotic, Dr. Davis suggested an alternative and inexpensive treatment that worked like a charm.These two pups like having their nails trimmed by Dr. Davis (well, as well as two energetic pups can like their nails being trimmed). Her fees are fair.

Jackie and Caren are knowledgeable, kind, caring, and return calls quickly. I wish you could see the joyful anticipation on Sarah and Zeke’s faces as we make the 25-minute drive to Dr. Davis’ office. I refer her office and expertise when given the opportunity. Once you fall in love with her Sunvet gang (including Dr. Davis’s lovable dog Gracie) you will be referring as well. Switch your family’s care to Sunvet and Dr. Laurel Davis!”

—Cissy Grill, Fletcher, NC


“Our first encounter with Dr. Laurel was shortly after we moved here. Our oldest and first Lab, Sunny, was having severe skin problems even though our dogs were on holistic food. From Dr. Davis’s testing and communication with Sunny, we found out that he was allergic to four very crucial ingredients. As soon as we knew which ones, we were able to change foods and his skin problem cleared up quickly.”

—Linda and Michael Nash, owned by Labs since 1990, Hendersonville, NC


“I have been a patient of Dr. Laurel’s for nine years. She takes care of my cat and dog and they both love her and gladly go for a visit. She is kind and caring and when she sees a problem out of her scope of care (like needed surgery) she knows exactly what to recommend and where to send you. Since she talks to animals, and listens to what they say, both she and I have learned things about them that it would be impossible to know from an ‘ordinary’ vet. There is nothing ordinary about Dr. Laurel. She is an exceptional vet and person and it is a pleasure to have her in my life.”

—Melanie Miller