I grew up on a small farm in southeastern North Carolina where I developed a love and appreciation for all types of animals. Some of my fondest memories are of playing in fields as a child and rescuing or interacting with all sorts of creatures. The most interesting stories include a nest of baby rats from my grandfather’s barn, a tiny, lost bunny my brother and I found in a freshly tilled field, my pet piglet, Penelope, or Black Beauty, my beloved pygmy goat, named for the white diamond on her forehead.

These days I am proud to call Asheville my home and to share this adventure with my wonderful partner and our sweet pup, Julep. When I am not working, you can usually find me somewhere in a hammock with a good book, whipping up some magic in my kitchen, or stretching my creative muscles in my home studio. I enjoy studying mythology, baking, canning vegetables, well-crafted sentences, quilting (& a long list of other fiber arts!), poetry, playing in the sunshine, yoga, and all things dragons.


Billie and Julep adventuring in Portland, Oregon