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National Senior Pet Month at Sunvet
Treat your love-muffin to some Sunvet TLC during National Senior Pet month this November.

Do you have a special oldie goldie in your life? Want to show him or her some extra TLC this month?

At Sunvet, we are celebrating National Senior Pet Month this November with 10% off appointment fees for senior dogs and cats.

Bring your senior dog or cat to the clinic for a new patient appointment or senior semi-annual wellness exam and mention this promotion to receive 10% off your appointment fee.**

Not sure if your furry friend is considered a senior yet?

The cornerstone of our Sunvet Animal Wellness mission statement is the idea that every animal is an individual being and deserves to be treated as such. Each cat or dog who comes to our clinic shows signs of aging differently and at different times in his or her life. However, as a general schedule, this is when Dr. Laurel starts recommending semi-annual senior check-ins for our patients:

  • Indoor or Outdoor Cats: 10 years old
  • Toy/Small breed dogs (up to 20 lbs): 10 years old
  • Medium breed dogs (21 – 50 lbs): 9 years old
  • Large breed dogs (51 – 100 lbs): 8 years old
  • Giant Breed dogs (over 100 lbs): 6 years old

These guidelines are what we will use when applying the 10% discount to appointment fees.

Our furry friends age more quickly than we humans do, so it’s important to check-in with them regularly, especially as they enter their ‘oldie-goldie’ years, to monitor their physical health and ensure they are living their happiest and healthiest life.

Learn more about senior wellness exams and Sunvet’s approach to senior dog and cat care in this blog.

We look forward to helping you care for your senior love-muffin this month!

Call us at 828-254-2221 to schedule an appointment for your dog or cat today.

** The 10% discount only applies to appointment fees for senior semi-annuals and new patient appointments. Fees for holistic consults, treatments, services, supplements, or any other purchase in the clinic do not qualify for the discount.

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