Meet the Sunvet Staff: An Interview With Crystal Coffie


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Meet the Sunvet Staff: An Interview With Crystal Coffie



Crystal and some botanical friends



Tell us about your animal family. With whom do you share your home?


I share my house with many creatures. My husband and I joke about having a mini petting zoo. We have two dogs, three cats, four snakes, and five chickens.


How long have you been working in the veterinary field?


I started working with animals by volunteering to take shelter dogs for hikes while I was living in Colorado in 2002. I started working at a veterinary hospital in 2006. I graduated from A-B Tech’s Veterinary Technician Program in 2010.


What’s the best part of your job?


Being a vet tech is my purpose. The best part though, is a tie between the love I receive from my patients and the feeling I get knowing that I am making a positive contribution to my community by doing what I love. Those are some of the best feelings in the world. Pure love.


What is the sweetest animal relationship moment you’ve ever witnessed?


There was a retired couple who lived with a Min Pin named Rusty. Rusty was a very sweet old dog who, late in life, developed a lot of health problems. He had diabetes, was in kidney failure, among other issues, and he had to get fluids a few times per week. We got to see him a lot in the hospital. He was very thin and had a hard time keeping weight on and staying warm. His dad bought them several matching sweaters, and they would come in the clinic matching perfectly. The love these folks had for this sweet little dog still inspires me today. I hope I can reincarnate as a dog that is as loved as little Rusty.


Let’s hear your best and most funny vet tech story:


I don’t know if it’s the best, but this story is certainly one of the most funny. It was a cold, cold winter afternoon. We got a call from Banjo Bananapants’ mom saying that he went outside with a friend’s dog and started playing. Once they were done playing, Banjo Bananapants was still pretty excited and his ‘red rocket’ was out. He urinated on a metal fence post and his prepuce got frozen to the fence! After talking the owners through the long process of getting unfrozen, they were finally able to get it unstuck. Thankfully, Banjo Bananapants was unharmed. It was definitely one of the most awkward conversations I have ever had, and the process of brainstorming creative ways to help little Banjo Bananapants out of his ‘predicament’ was quite hilarious. Soon after, I became friends with Banjo’s dad and have permission to tell the story.


What is your guilty pleasure?


Ice cream from The Hop


What’s the strangest talent you have?


According to my family, it is my innate ability to trip over my own feet and hit my head on literally everything, even if it’s not in my way.


If you could be any mythical creature, which would you be and why?


I was asked this question two decades ago when graduating high school, and my answer remains the same after all these years. I would be a Gefling from the movie, The Dark Crystal. Those girls can fly. They talk to animals. They also hang out with Mystics and are just all around awesome!


You can read more about Crystal and the rest of your Sunvet Animal Wellness team on our staff page by clicking here. 



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